AGW is a sporting organization with no political or social alignment to any body or organization in South Africa. AGW is the sole organization administering and controlling athletics (Cross Country, Race Walking, Road Running, Track and Field & Trail Running) in the Griqualand West District within the boundaries as defined in the Delimitation Clause in ASA’s Constitution. AGW is the sole body affiliated to ASA from within Griqualand West, as referred to in the ASA’s Constitution and as such controls athletics in this Province. With our Head Office based in Kimberley, established to carry out the administration of the Province, in accordance with the policies of ASA, at such address as may be determined by the Executive Board of AGW from time to time. AGW is a non profit organization responsible for overall development of athletics in the Province.

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Important Notice:

Posted By Admin    20 December 2018

Posted By Admin   07 December 2018

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Posted by Admin   12 April 2019

Posted by Admin   16 November 2018


This post serves to inform all AGW Registered Members that the time and date of the AGW Council meeting has been changed due to the change in our Provincial management structures and appointment of a new Secretary. This is only fair to give them adequate time to prepare for the Council meeting to serve you, the member, better.

24 November 2018 at 09h00 - Kimberley

New proposed date:
12 January 2019 at 09h00 - Kimberley.

Venue: TBC

Notice of the AGW Council meeting will be sent to all concerned by electronic means with the ability to download the information/documentation from the
AGW website.

I hope this will be convenient and look forward to seeing you there.

Posted by Admin   16 November 2018


2019-02-02   Saturday                                                   Diamantveld High School Invitational

2019-02-14   Wednesday                                                             Deneke Prinsloo Memorial Throws & Jumps

2019-02-16   Saturday                                                              Top 20 Hartswater High School

2019/02/22-23   Friday -Saturday                                          AGW Provincial Championships


2019/01/19   Sat   Flat and Fast 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/02/02   Sat   Meerkat 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/02/23   Sat   Groot Gat10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/03/09   Sat   Diamond Marathon 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/03/09   Sat   AGW Championships 42.2km

2019/04/13   Sat   Konica Minolta 15km

2019/04/13   Sat   Freedom Day 5km,10km,21.1km

2019/04/20   Sat   President Run 5km,10km

2019/04/27   Sat   Phokwane 5km,10km

2019/05/18   Sat   10 Miler 5km,16km

2019/06/15   Sat   Youth Day Event5km,10km

2019/06/29   Sat   Oor die Vaal 5km,10km,21.1km

2019/06/29   Sat   AGW Championships 21.1km

2019/07/27   Sat   7777km 14km,21.1km

2019/08/09   Fri   Fun Run Colour Run 5km, 10km

2019/08/24   Sat   St Patrick's CBC Rotary 21,1km, 10km & 5km Fun Run

2019/08/31   Sat   PC Struwig 10km,21.1km

2019/08/31   Sat   AGW Championships 10km

2019/09/14   Sat   Wes Run 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/09/21   Sat   Fish Eagle 12km, 24km

2019/09/28   Sat   Om die Block 10km, 16km

2019/10/05   Sat   The Giraffe Run 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/10/12   Sat   Mark van Niekerk 10km, 21.1km

2019/10/19   Sat   KMAC Base to Base 10km,21.1km,42.2km

2019/10/26   Sat   Van Zyl's 10km, 21.1km

2019/11/02   Sat   Louise Jooste10km,21.1km

2019/11/23   Sat   Family Fun Fair Run1km,3km,5km, 10km

2019/11/30   Sat   De Beers Wellness10km, 21.1km


2019/04/06   Sat   Marrick Safari TR 5km,12km

2019/08/10   Sat   Ou Brug 15km

2019/09/07   Sat   Vulture Conversation Trail Run 16km

2019/09/14   Sat   Lion Roar Trail Run 5km,10km 18km, 30km

2019/10/26   Sat   Kelrn Trail Run 5km,10km

2019/11/08   Fri   Ranger Trail Run 5km,10km

2019/12/07   Sat   Magersfontein 10km,25km


2019/04/03   Wed   Liga 11 - 10km

2019/04/10   Wed   Liga 21 - 10km

2019/05/04   Sat   AGW Cross Country 1st Trials 1-10km

2019/05/08   Wed   Liga 31 - 10km

2019/05/15   Wed   Liga 41 - 10km

2019/05/18   Sat   AGW Cross Country Inter-Provincial Champs

2019/07/10   Wed   Liga 51 - 10km

2019/07/17   Wed   Liga 61 - 10km

2019/07/24   Wed   Liga 71 - 10km

2019/07/31   Wed   Liga 81 - 10km

2019/08/17   Sat   AGW Cross Country Championships