From The President's Desk - 25 August 2020


Decisions determine destiny.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has put tremendous strain on the survival of especially the sport sector -upended the global sport landscape, with events, conferences and meetings either cancelled or postponed until the latter part of 2020 – at the earliest.

We’re eight months into 2020, and the name of the game is ADAPTATION.

COVID-19, economic upheaval and changing lockdown restrictions have created an ever-shifting reality. With such persistent instability, it has become clear that clubs are in need of some solid foundations before they jump to their own biases and conclusions in times of significant challenges.

The great temptation is to wait until the crises is over and things are back to normal before talking about such topics.

However, some meetings or events couldn’t be postponed any longer, and clubs and organisers needed a solution that took health and regulatory requirements into consideration.


AGW Memo 28/2020 dated July 10 ,2020 has bearing:

An informative document has been drafted and send to Clubs to use as a guideline in hosting Virtual Events in the demarcated districts in this ASA Province.

The solution has been to embrace 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution) and embrace digital and virtual events which have, in some instances attracted greater visitor numbers while living up to the promise of a memorable experience, no matter where participants are in South Africa.


Summary Participation Virtual Events 2020


Virtual Event

Total Participants

23 & 24/05/2020

AGW lockdown level 4, 5km & 10km challenge



RWFL – Lions Roars






AGW lockdown level 3, 5km & 10km challenge



RWFL - 777







03 – 09/08/2020

AGW Mile challenge



Summary Participation ASA Level 1 Technical Official Course – Theory



Virtual Event

Total Participants

26 & 27/06/2020

ASA Level 1 Technical Official Course - Theory


While some physical events will take place towards the end of 2020 and beyond, the benefits of virtual or hybrid events cannot be ignored, both now and in the future. A virtual event can be described as one entirely run online. This involves no live-in-person component, and instead participants interact online.

A hybrid event, a concept seeing increased popularity as a result of the easing of lockdown regulations, combines live-in-person events with virtual online elements.

The possibilities are endless, and the popularity of virtual and hybrid eventing is likely to grow exponentially post-pandemic. Clubs should invest in a strong digital presence and embrace the opportunities that the new norm presents.

A fully digital format solution is perfect for club members who are always on the move, with easy access from a phone or tablet. Athletics Griqualand West is no stranger to an online presence as we strive to make our members valued and creating unique opportunities for everyone we touch through our website – achieving our mission of building a thriving brand that impacts and inspires our members.

In a highly competitive sport industry, it is challenging to stand out among the noise. But by sticking to its roots of functionality, design and authenticity, the Athletics Griqualand West brand is pacing ahead in the game of local sports.

We stay in our lane, and we believe this is what keeps us at the forefront of innovation.

Of course, we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t look left and right, but our innovation comes from what our members tells us what they are looking for or wanting to see us create. We don’t promise what isn’t there. We truly believe our transparency with our members is what continues to drive our popularity as a sport of choice forward.

Our main priority during the Covid-19 pandemic is to ensure our members feel safe and secure and to implement structure and initiatives to support each and every one of them.


AGW Memo 39/2020, dated August 19, 2020 has bearing:

With reference to the above and after careful consideration and staying mindful of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have introduced the Safe Athlete Training Guidelines for our members during lockdown LEVEL 2.

At the height of the pandemic’s darkest days, learning how to remain calm became one of the hidden silver linings to the volatile year.

Our core values as a federation are honesty and transparency, and it is not only applied to our events, but we have personally applied this to our approach to leadership during such unprecedented times. Leadership is a crucial skill, but the other part of our role. We believe, it is to be the conductors of our ‘orchestra’ to ensure everyone is clear on our direction.

It’s our responsibility to oversee the full picture of what is happening post the Covid-19 pandemic, and ensuring we are moving in the same direction with the right timing. What we do now is crucial for the footprint we leave behind. We believe there is a better future on how Athletics Griqualand West act now.

There is much evidence that when we reach out with abundance and when we focus our energy on building someone else, we actually end up building ourselves in the process.

Whilst I can’t give you a medal today, please do give yourself a pat on the back.

You Deserve It!

Thank you for your contribution to all of us.

We really do appreciate YOU!

Our Athletics Griqualand West Ethos

In our fast-moving digital age, it is sometimes difficult to pause and reflect on the most important things.

Understanding and applying the power of influence, we have the ability as a federation to impact our running community.

Integrity is the central tenet of the Athletics Griqualand West brand. Integrity informs everything that we do, everything that we host, and everything that we value. Integrity underpins how we think, what we plan, who we work with, and how we create.

Integrity guides how we behave, what knowledge we seek, and how we grow. It’s the benchmark for how we measure our success. And it’s the headlight that guides our onward journey.

The #riseupchallengeCOVID-19 is our “new” normal way of life at Athletics Griqualand West.

It is as much about where we come from as it is about where we are heading to because #riseupochallengeCOVID-19 is about our excellence, perseverance, competitiveness, respect, innovation, diversity, growth, collaboration, honesty, kindness and making a difference every day. It reflects our culture and what we do to rise up and uplift each other and our running society to make today matter.

Like Dr Seuss says, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

#riseupchallengeCOVID-19 – We will be bigger and better than before!