2020 AGW VIRTUAL 1 Mile Event Details


We’ve had a huge response to our #riseupchallenge COVID-19 Virtual 5 & 10km Virtual Run/Walk and now there’s an opportunity for everyone to run a shorter distance.

The competition window is spread over seven (7) days from 06:00am to 18:00pm on Monday 3 August 2020 through to 06:00am to 18:00pm on Sunday 9 August 2020.

Athletes who have entered will be asked to submit details of their run by noon on Monday 10 August 2020.


There will be a number if categories involved in terms of club and team ‘competition’ and for each age group. These are outlined on our Event section page and also further down this story.

 1 Mile Time-Trial Virtual Event

Event Details for 2020 AGW VIRTUAL 1 Mile
Time Trial Challenge

Event Information

Date: From Monday 3rd August to Sunday 9th August 2020

Venue: Virtual Event

Organiser: AGW

Organiser Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Level: Virtual 1 Mile Time Trial Challenge

Closing Date: Friday 31 July 2020


2020 AGW Virtual 1 Mile Time Trial

Challenge - Fastest 1 Mile Time Trial

Monday 3rd August to Sunday 9th August 2020

Online Entries OPEN Monday 27 July 2020

Online Entries CLOSE Friday 31th July 2020 (17:00)
Competition Window – 06:00 Monday 3rd August 2020 to 18:00 Sunday 9th August 2020
Submission of Results Deadline 12:00hrs Monday 10th August 2020



Important Rules

  • No Point 2 Point Runs / (1Mile = 1609m, turning point at 804.50m)

  • Start and Finish at same point / No net Loss in Elevation – straight and level as possible!

Further Route Guidance & Suggestions -

  • Half Mile Out & Back Route is 804.50m which is acceptable.
  • Finish Points must be at the Start Point.



  • Registration is through the AGW online portal
  • Entry is R20 to affiliated members; non-member entry is R30 per athlete
  • Entry is open to athletes in the U13, U15, U17, U20, Senior and Masters age groups. Age groups are based on the current 2020-21 road competition year.

Scoring Categories

1. Best Time by Individual Age and Gender

This category ranks individual athletes in each age group and gender category running the fastest 1Mile Time Trial i.e.

(i) Roads in town – Tar

(ii) Gravel roads in rural and farm areas


2. Total Time by 4 Person Mixed Team – 4 x 1mile Runs

This team category ranks teams of 4 athletes (from the same club, same age group; 2 male and 2 female) who
achieved the lowest time for their combined 1mile time trials.

3. Total Time by 4 Person Team – 4 x 1mile Runs

This team category ranks teams of 4 athletes (from the same club, same age group; who achieved the lowest time for their combined 1mile time trials.


  • Performances should be submitted online to AGW by the athlete taking part.
  • Club results are calculated using combined valid runs by registered club members within the challenge timeframe.
  • In the team categories, the fastest runs over each 1 mile run by athletes from the same club will contribute to the ‘A’ team. The next best results will make up the club’s ‘B’ team, and so on to include all athletes competing. Clubs can enter as many teams as they wish.


These general rules apply to all AGW Virtual Challenge events

Terms & Conditions

This is for virtual events, whereby each individual participates on their own and within the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown regulations, in force at the location where the individual race. AGW or the race organiser/Club will not facilitate or prescribe any location or route to be used, nor will any groups be arranged. Participants agree to plan their route(s) within these regulations and accept sole responsibility for their own safety during participation.

Athletes entering and participating in these virtual event(s), do so under the terms and conditions, as set out below:

  1. Athletes understand that participation is at their own risk and that AGW, race organiser, Clubs, their employees, committee members and associates, will not be liable for any illness, injury, death or loss of property.
  2. Athletes declare that they are healthy and have no known medical conditions that could prevent them from participation in sporting activities.
  3. AGW, Clubs, affiliates, sponsors and service providers are indemnified against all and any action of whatever nature, which may arise out of the participation in any activities, training sessions or events organised or promoted by AGW or Clubs.
  4. Entrants authorise AGW or Clubs to use personal details in order to inform entrants of activities related to these
  5. Athletes agree to choose a route conductive to a fair race and that has a positive elevation gain.
  6. If racing indoors, athletes agree to use a system with resistance that has some means of tracking distance.
  7. Times uploaded should be elapsed time, i.e. you can’t pause your timing device mid-run or walk.
  8. Except for wheelchair divisions, all entries must be completed on foot (ASA Rules must still be adhered to).
  9. As per ASA Road Running Rules athletes must NOT run with headphones.
  10. Results can and will be used for statistical purposes only after comparing it with previous and future “normal” events.
  11. Please always maintain appropriate physical distancing from others when out and about.
  12. Run in your club/school attire.
  13. Remember: Where can I run?
    • You can race on a stationary machine (treadmill or trainer), or any route that you can map out within your lock-down constraints.
    • Runs MUST be completed solo, other than U13 and U15 athletes who should be accompanied by an adult: under 13 athletes must be supervised by a responsible household member at all times, and under 15 athletes should be accompanied if appropriate by a legal guardian.


Challenge Rules

  • Runs must be done between 06:00am and 18:00pm from Day 1 to Day 7 of the challenge.

  • 1 attempt per person

  • Results must be submitted by 12:00 on Day 8, 12:00 Monday 10th August 2020 of the challenge, using the instructions on the entry page. Runs should be named ‘2020 AGW 1 Mile Virtual Challenge’ 

The Run

  • Runs must be completed on your own (Solo Runs). Forming informal groups is not acceptable under Government guidelines and must be avoided at all costs. Young athletes participating in a Virtual Challenge must be accompanied by an adult from within their household.
  • Make someone else aware of your planned route, as well as your expected start and finish times. Check in with them on returning home.
  • Provide an emergency contact number to a third party, should your agreed check in time be missed.
  • Have an agreed set of actions should the return check in time be missed:
    • 10 minutes leeway
    • 15 minutes - text message
    • 20 minutes - phone call
    • 25 minutes - call to third party
    • 60 minutes – make contact with someone local who can retrace the route from Finish to Start
  • Carry an In Case of Emergency Card detailing your name, address and underlying health conditions and emergency contact phone number.

Should Government regulations and guidelines be changed for the Coronavirus COVID-19 at any time, they will be immediately implemented to any virtual challenges, including suspension of activity.