ASA Level 1 Technical Officials Training

At AGW, we value the services and commitments of our trained volunteer Technical Officials as well as the sacrifices they make to assist us to host various events in our Province.

While we recognize that your current priorities might not include training, we are seeing a growing emphasis in on-demand interventions that give members access to training and information at the moment it is needed.

We are already seeing major disruptions in how people learn, thanks to technology. For example, most large businesses are using online and mobile learning to complement classroom-based training.

By offering the highly respected ASA Level 1 Technical Official program through self-study distance training, we can help you maintain your current education level while supporting the federations’ goals and capacity building.

We call on all those registered members from Clubs and Schools, within our ASA demarcated borders that wants to further their Athletic education as volunteer Technical Officials to submit their application before or on Friday, 29 May 2020.

Entries must be submitted online via the following link: (see AGW Website)

The cost of the course is R200.00 per person. Banking details will be forwarded after receipt of application. As soon as full payment is made to AGW, the ASA Level 1 Technical Official study material will be forwarded to all participants by email.
Following the self-study theoretical training, a 1 (one) day practical training session will be conducted in August/September, where after an examination needs to be written on the content of the study material send earlier.

On successful passing of the written examination an ASA Level 1 Technical Official Certificate will be awarded to participants.
Please support this initiative to enhance our responsibility of providing competent and skilled volunteer Technical Officials to all events hosted in AGW.

Athletic Greetings
Magda Oldewage

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