2020 AGW Mothers day Message




Mother’s Day is such a special time of the year. It’s that time that we can celebrate those who have such an impact in our lives.

We asked one of AGW’s iconic sporting greats - SA National Championship Medallist and multiple AGW Provincial Record Holder, Marisa Kruger – Mother extraordinaire of four, spouse to Willie, and still a Provincial competitive athlete - to share a message of hope to all our Moms in AGW.


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“Happy Mother’s Day!

As I was thinking about Mother’s Day and the task, the difficult task mothers have in raising children, caring for children, thinking about children, being concerned for their children, my mind immediately goes to the necessity of prayer. Am I right?

I think of the mother’s need of speaking to God and relying on His strength. His power. His wisdom. His insight. His patience. His forgiveness. His leadership in order to parent well.

Those of you who are mothers I want you to think back with me for a moment to that time when you first realized that you are going to be a mom.

For us, it was the sonogram…as the outline of my daughter’s head got clearer and clear…As I saw that tiny heart beating as if to scream out…LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS OVER!!!

Marisa was officially a mom.

For us…Some things came instinctively, caring for the newborn, how to hold the baby…but what really scared us was questions like, “What are we going to do when they learn to walk??? Or even worse, what will we do when they learn how to drive!?!”

Being a parent was a really big deal.

I remember leaving the hospital and thinking…do they know us? Is it legal just to let us carry this baby home??? Do they know that we can hardly balance our check book??

And you know …those times occur throughout life.

The first day of school…as your little girl or little boy steps on to that bus or out of the car, and you feel like a part of your heart is being torn out right in front of you.

Life as a mom is a constant roller coaster of emotions. Within the household counted on to be the emotional compass, organizer, and multitasking manager of the family.

Mothers are expected to do it all. One of the funniest things to me is the mother’s purse. My mom’s purse had everything in it. I mean, there was nothing I ever needed that couldn’t be found in the almighty purse. Mom, do you have a Band-Aid? Sure, it’s in my purse. Mom, do you have a sewing kit? Sure, it’s in my purse. Mom, can I have a milkshake? Sure, let me check my purse.


"Only a mother's love understands our tears and soothes our dissapointments

Only a mother's faith helps us on life's way and inspires in us the confidence

we need from day to day

Thanks Mom for you steadfast love and FAITH"


I want to say thank you to all the Moms out there, taking care of your offspring amidst the storms that is facing you.

No doubt about it, you are fearfully and wonderfully made – Set apart and Unique!

The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.

Each day is a step forward to normality.

Happy Mother’s Day.”


Marisa Kruger