The Amended 2020 Athletics Calendar

The COVID-19 outbreak has unfortunately had a devastating effect on life in general and has led to the postponement and/or cancellation of events on the local, National and international 2020 Athletics Calendar.

Updated status of events

The Table below shows the updated status of events that were scheduled to be held between 10 May and 27 June. 

 * Athletics Griqualand West AMENDED MAY Fixture Download HERE

In this respect, the following is to be noted:

  • All international events targeted by World Athletics between 13th March and 27th June have been postponed.
  • National events between 26 March and 25 July have either been postponed or in some cases cancelled. (ASA Circulars 31 of 2020)
  • The status of most local events between 10th May and 27th June has still to be confirmed.

Rescheduling of Events

Some clubs or organisations have informed the AGW Office that their 2020 event has been postponed to a later date or cancelled. It is hoped that a restructured AGW 2020 calendar can soon be agreed upon, but this is obviously going to depend on instructions provided by the SA Government and the SA Health Authorities.

In this regard, it is important to point out that alternative dates proposed by Clubs or other Bodies have not been authorised and therefore at this stage these organisations are to refrain from advertising any alternative dates. It is also understood that any alternative date should not be allowed to clash with an existing date on the calendar.

In the hope that we can soon return to some degree of normality, clubs and other bodies are kindly encouraged to inform the AGW Office about the status of events scheduled to be held in May and June, and if possible, thereafter.

During these difficult times, I sincerely wish that your club members and their families remain in the best of health.


Kind regards.

Magda Oldewage

Not signed due to electronic sending


AGW is the sole body affiliated to ASA from within Griqauland West, as referred to in the ASA Constitution and as such controls athletics in this Province. With our Head Office based in Kimberley, established to carry out the administration of the Northern Cape Province, in accordance with the policies of ASA. AGW is a non-profit organization responsible for overall development of athletics in the Northern Cape Province.


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