This is the Griqualand West policy document that details the conditions under which an athlete can qualify for selection for the AGW Teams to compete in the following distances at the ASA Road Running Championships:- 

  • 10km;
  • 21.1km; and
  • 42.2km. 

This policy document will provide selection criteria conditions that an athlete must meet before they can be considered for selection in the AGW teams for the above Championships events.


Selection Philosophy

AGW is committed to providing its athletes with the opportunity to compete at AthleticsSouth Africa Championships. AGW recognizes the importance of selecting those athletes who will be able to contribute best to the continued success of athletics in the Province, whilst acknowledging the support that its athletes give to the federation and the sport as a whole. AGW seed the SA Road Running Championships as both an important event in the development of young distance runners as well as an elite event in the Open age groups providing athletes a pathway to international selection.

AGW acknowledges that the ASA Championships are often combined with the SA Masters  Championships and will therefore support selection of masters in as many age groups as possible.

For the avoidance of doubt this philosophy statement is not to be regarded as part of the selection criteria. It is included in this document as a guide to those aspiring to the Team and also as reference in understanding selection decisions.


AGW Road Running Selection Objective

AGW’s selection philosophy is to select athletes in AGW teams whose current results indicate that the athlete is capable of being competitive at a National level and will be a worthy representative of GW athletics.

Given AGW’s commitment to developing sustainable talent it is the express intention to weight the team in favour of the Senior and Junior athletes. Only the top performing  Veteran, Master and Grand Master athletes (Age Groups 40 – 70+) who regularly achieve podium positions at local AGW Road Running Events will thereafter be eligible for selection.


AGW Qualifying Time Schedule







 33:50 1:20:00 
 Seniors (20 - 34) 32:00 1:07:00 2:26:00
 35 - 39 33:50 1:10:00 2:30:00
 40 - 44 35:00 1:15:00 2:32:00
 45 - 49 37:00 1:17:00 2:40:00
50 - 54 39:00 1:22:00 2:48:00
55 - 59 42:00 1:25:00 2:58:00
60 - 64 44:00 1:35:00 3:16:00
65 - 69 46:00 1:39:00


70 + 48:00 1:45:00 3:41:00


Juniors 42:00 1:32:00
Seniors (20 - 34) 38:00 1:26:00 3:10:00
35 - 39 40:00 1:28:00 3:18:00
40 - 44 42:00 1:32:00 3:20:00
45 - 49 45:00 1:34:00 3:26:00
50 - 54 46:00 1:36:00 3:30:00
55 - 59 47:00 1:40:00 3:36:00
60 - 64 48:00 1:43:00 3:50:00
65 - 69 50:00 1:45:00 4:20:00
70 + 57:00 2:12:00 5:04:00



To be eligible for selection in a AGW Team for the SA Road Running Championships athletes must:

  • Qualify with time(s) achieved as per the schedule above;

  • Performances must be achieved as follows:

    • 10 & 21.1km Team Selection – During the 6 months prior to the relevant Championship and participation in the AGW Championships.

    • 42.2km Team Selection – During the 6 – 8 months prior to the relevant Championship and participation in the AGW Championships

  • Be a current licensed member of AGW in accordance with the ASA Rules and  Regulations.


Selection Criteria and Process

As per Schedule Schedule A of the AGW Constitution of Griqualand West, the Role of Commissions, Paragraph 3.3 - “To select competitors to represent AGW in national competitions and to propose team managers and coached to any team of competitors so selected to the exclusive right of the Board to approve such.” No individual communication will be entered into.

  • In selecting athletes to the SA Road Running Championships, priority will be given to the selection of athletes with the potential to win medals for Athletics Griqualand West and based on positions achieved at previous SA Road Running Championships.

  • The size of the AGW Road Running Team is subject to the availability of funds.

  • The number of athletes selected per age group will also take into account the team competitions on offer.

  • Athletes who do not achieve the Qualifying Standards may be selected onto the Final Team at the discretion of the AGW Board. In doing this, the Board will take the following factors into consideration, in the specified priority order:

    • Potential for medal or potential to finish in the top 10.

    • Development of athletes.

  • An AGW Team will be presented to the AGW Board 3 months before hand. Selected athletes will have to confirm their availability telephonically and by completing the Athlete Acceptance Declaration Form by the date specified (10 week before the event).
  • The Team of confirmed, capable and available athletes will be announced 6 – 8 weeks before the respective championships. The following restrictions on races will then apply to selected team members:
    • Athletes selected tor an AGW Team will not be allowed to compete in certain races during the following periods:

      • 10km Team – No race longer than 10km in the 7 days preceding the ASA 10km Championships;

      • 21.1km Team – No race longer than 15km in the 14 days preceding the ASA 21.1km Championships;

      • 42.2km Team – No race longer than 21.1km in the 21 days or longer than 10km in the 14 days prece3ding the ASA 42.2km Championships.

  • Any athlete transgressing the aforementioned arrangement in paragraph 6 will automatically be removed from the team and will also be prohibited from entering as an individual athlete at the respective ASA Championships (as per ASA rule and decision taken in Durban on 8 February 2009 – “athlete selected for a Provincial Team and withdraw from the team will not be allowed to participate as an individual athlete and will automatically be disqualified”).

  • Any athlete withdrawing once he/she has accepted final selection and the team has been promulgated shall not be allowed to compete in any formal athletic event within 8 days on either side of the date of the Championships and on the day of the Championships.


Overriding Discretion of the AGW Board

Notwithstanding anything set out in this Policy Document, the AGW Board has an overriding discretion to name any athlete to the Team if they believe it is in the best interest of AGW to do so.


  • An athlete who is sick or injured during the selection period/process and wished to be considered for selection must provide a medical certificate to the Convener of the Road Running Selection Panel certifying their inability to compete during the particular period. The athlete must also provide evidence of recent performances that the selectors may take into consideration when considering eligibility for selection. This must be provided no later than 2 days after the announcement of the relevant AGW Team.

  • An athlete who cannot compete on the day of the SA Championships, due to injury, illness or any other reason, must provide a medical certificate and/or written explanation to the Convener of the Road Running Selection Panel certifying their inability to compete at the SA Championships no later than 7 days before the event. The Road Running Selection Panel will rule whether the nominated reason provided by the athlete is considered serious enough for the athlete not to accompany the AGW Team to the SA Championships. Should an athlete become injured or ill within 7 days of the event they must immediately inform the Convener and the team manager.



An athlete not in the team announced, has the right to appeals in writing for reconsideration for selection of the decision. The appeal must be made to the AGW office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 48 hours after the announcement of the team. The appeal should include all information the athlete, or his/her Coach, considers relevant to the selection panel to make in informed reconsideration of its decision.


Athlete Declaration Acceptance Form:

After announcement of the team (and any subsequent changes) all selected athletes are to complete the attached Athlete Declaration Acceptance Form within a given time period.

Download The Acceptance Form HERE



Athletics Griqualand West reserves the right to amend this Selection Criteria in circumstances where the rules governing the event are amended by the event organisers (ASA) or further information comes to hand, to give effect to the policy following discovery of a drafting error or oversight or of any other reason determined to be in the best interests of AGW. Any such amendments or further information will be communicated as soon as it is becomes available. AGW shall not be responsible or liable in any way to any one as a result of any such amendment.