Athletics Griqualand West(AGW) is a sporting organization with NO political or social alignment to anybody or organization administering and controlling athletes in the Griqualand West boundaries as defined in the Delimita on Clause in ASA’s Constitution.

AGW is the sole body affiliated to ASA from within Griqauland West, as referred to in the ASA Constitution and as such controls athletics in this Province. With our Head Office based in Kimberley, established to carry out the administration of the Northern Cape Province, in accordance with the policies of ASA. AGW is a non-profit organization responsible for overall development of athletics in the Northern Cape Province.



To make a contribution towards Nation Building and Healing of our Province, GRIQUALAND WEST, and the Transformation of our Society, through the development of Athletics from Grassroots to the highest levels of Excellence.


We are driven by the vision of a better way. Deep down we know we expect more. We know we can create more.

We aim to achieve our mission by working hard to emphasize the following core values:

  • Colloborate: Do great things together, provide a great service and build a great team. Creating a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome.

  • Evolve and innovate: Search for better solutions and habits.

  • Honest: Make us proud. Serve with honor on and off the track.

  • Competitive: Run fair, run hard, run to win. Do not settle for average. It’s all about winning.

  • Commitment to excellence: Delivering our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable for results. Nobody’s going to give us anything. We have to earn it every day. Come to work to offer the best service and member experience – and do it all in a sustainable way.

  • Integrity: Without it we cannot be a team.

  • Protect the AGW Culture: Embrace change to be the best federation in South Africa. 

  • AGW Brand: Focus entirely on the AGW sports brand as they connect and engage with our members, improving their competitive position and achieving peak performance.

  • Discipline: Be ready to lead and ready to follow, and never quit.

  • Bold Leadership and decisive action: The ability to adapt as leader and make decisive decisions under pressure to manage risk.